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Tienus @ Radical Redemption Tribute Mix

Hardstyle   Hardcore

Submitted by: goodmartinus @

Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 01:22:22
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1. Watch Yourself (Original)
2. Black Demon (Digital Punk Remix)
3. Frontliner & Radical Redemption (ft. Frontliner)
4. Impact of Sin (ft. Chain Reaction)
5. Everyone has Died
6. Euphoria (ft. Titan)
7. Triple Six (ft. Deepack)
8. River of Souls (ft. Digital Punk)
9. Secret Syndicates (Beat The Bridge 2014 Anthem)
10. Brutal 4.0
11. United from the Start (ft. Hard Driver)
12. Accumulated Filth
13. Prostitute
14. Drug 'n Roll (ft. Crypsis)
15. On The Brink of Extinction (ft. Crypsis)
16. Funfair of Madness (Intents Festival 2015 Anthem)
17. I Spit on You
18. Blood Sweat & Tears (ft. Digital Punk & Crypsis)
19. The Motherload (ft. Kold Konexion)
20. Unlike Others (ft. Crypsis & MC Tha Watcher)
21. Devastation & Disorder (Daylight anthem)
22. The Spell of Sin (ft. MC Tha Watcher)
23. Brutal 3.0
24. Blame Society (ft. High Voltage)
25. Gods Child
26. Cloud Your Senses (Radical Redemption Remix)
27. One By One (ft. Tartaros)
28. The Ultimate Diss
29. When Youre Gone (ft. Angerfist)
30. Unparalelled Evil (ft. Drokz)

jzoete -
Waarom niks van zijn eerste album?
goodmartinus -
On 06-11-2015 16:58:37, jzoete wrote:

Waarom niks van zijn eerste album?

Vind ze van slechte kwaliteit / slecht gemasterd...