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Lady Dammage @ Spanish Hardcore Armada Episode 06


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Spanish Hardcore Armada, presented by The Empire, is a radio show dedicated to preserving the real meaning of Hardcore through diversity, with a special focus in the spanish producers that you can find in the different Hardcore Labels around the world. REAL HARDCORE ONLY.

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1. Kyuzo - Awaken
2. Broken Minds - Apocalyptic
3. Neox - Unplug
4. Lady Dammage - Base Boom
5. Lady Dammage - Suitable Bitch
6. Lady Dammage - Confession
7. Diplo - Revolution (Lady Dammage Bootleg)
8. Lady Dammage - Going Harder
9. Lady Dammage - Serious Dammage
10. Deterrent Man & Lady Dammage - T-Raw Bitch
11. Lady Dammage - Base Boom