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Delta 9 @ CCPAR Podcast 134

Hardcore   Terror

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The USA Hardcore veteran Delta 9 is here to unleash his devastating speaker destroying sounds on the CCPAR Podcasts Series!

Delta 9 created in 2008 his own label Devil Times Nine which shows Delta 9's commitment to releasing quality hardcore and speedcore, bred in the streets of Chicago. He established his name as an outstanding DJ and producer in the global extreme underground scene after delivering his sounds by releasing his music on Drop Bass Music and Industrial Strength Records.

His artistic journey goes from performing worldwide and participating in compilations of renowned brands such as Thunderdome series, Hellraiser, Third Movement's Demolition, the Mysteryland series, the Masters of Hardcore to remixing for the darkest acts such as Napalm Death, Corrosion of Conformity, Soil , The Berzerker & agoraphobic Nosebleed.

Enjoy this amazing podcast!

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1. Hellsystem - Dance With Death
2. ID (ID)
3. ID (ID)
4. ID (ID)
5. Andy The Core - Only in Texas
6. Destructive Tendencies ft. Hardbouncer - Destiny
7. Negative A - Death & Confusion
8. Andy The Core - Brutal Method
9. Unexist & Drokz - Rockus
10. Rotterdam Terror Corps & Paul Elstak - Skull Dominion (Destructive Tendencies Remix)
11. Igneon System - Hit The Hood
12. Andy the Core - Steal This
13. Destructive Tendencies & F. Noize - Ameno
14. The DJ Producer - The True Creators Pt. 3 (Hellfish Dedicated Revision)
15. SRB - Brainstabber
16. The DJ Producer - Positive Outlook
17. Dione - Pain till I Die (SRB Muppet Mash-up)
18. SRB - Maniac Psycho
19. SRB vs RTC - Attack The Flow
20. SRB & The Vizitor - Light Emitting Diode

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