Shoutbox: [20-09] pointlesspoint: @ThaClown: At the moment i can ID 1 track: DJ Mutante - Mutante Is The Shit (2005). So i suppose it's a handful of that stuff. I am a bit familiair with the French style before 2000, most likely there's nothing in this mix, must be of the later period... .

TrighTech pres. Mr. Kopmok & EmBeeGee @ Trancecore Freestyle Hour

Hardstyle   Hardcore

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00:00 Noisecontrollers The Source Code Of Creation
02:34 DJ Schwede 6er Bass Süß Sauer
03:25 Brennan Heart & Wildstylez Lose My Mind
05:12 Da Tweekaz Little Red Riding hood
05:50 Psyko Punkz Back Again
06:54 Adrenalize The Island Of Adventure
07:44 Code Black Accelerate
08:21 Code Black Unleash The Beast
09:10 Frontliner Weekend Warriors
09:48 Thyron Return
10:40 Tatanka AtemWiggleGangasta (BollekDJ Mashup)
12:05 Helene Fischer Atemlos Durch Die Nacht
13:00 Headhunterz feat. Miss Palmer Now Is The Time
14:38 Jack Of Sound & Frequencerz S.T.F.U Britney (Jack Of Sound Mashup)
16:54 Rednex Cotton Eye Joe
17:51 The Prophet & Deepack Stamppot
18:45 The Prophet H3y
20:00 DJ Mad Dog & The Stunned Guys Nothing Else Matters
23:19 Alligatoah Willst Du
23:19 Showtek FTS
23:48 DJ Macho Happy Together
24:58 Coone & Technoboy Nustyle Crap
26:11 Concept Art Twenty 4 Seven
27:33 DJ Kloficker Wie Alt Bist Du
27:36 Frontliner Spacer
28:59 Blutonium Boy Make It Loud 2012
30:26 Chain Reaction The Record Breaking
31:13 Noisecontrollers Yellow Minute
32:24 My Name is Fatboy Slim
32:46 Olaf Henning Cowboy & Indianer
33:47 Bloodpressure & DJ Terrorstyle The Message
34:36 Whitepasta Nobody Likes The Records
35:01 Showtek Colours Of The Harder Stylez
35:38 Headhunterz - The Sacrifice (Brennan Heart Remix)
37:42 Zatox Nobody Likes My Kicks
38:15 Brennan Heart Insomnia Qlimax DJ Tool
39:02 Marshel Masters feat. The Ultimate MC I Like It Loud
39:33 Zatox Flashback Mashup
40:30 Five & Queen We Will Rock You
42:12 DJ Dean & Brooklyn Bounce Play it Hard 2k14
43:15 Da Tweekaz & In-Phase Bad Habit
43:52 Brennan Heart Just As Easy
46:11 Activator & Francesco Zeta Open Up Your Eyes
48:16 Ran-D & Endymion Antidote
49:07 Donkey Rollers So You Wanna Be Hardcore
50:00 Advanced Dealer We Are The Freaks
51:23 Art Of Fighters Fuck You!
51:59 DJ Mad Dog The Memory Dissapears
53:01 Meccano Twins & Art Of Fighters The Dark Universe
53:27 Dr. Peacock Trip To Texas
54:19 Dr. Peacock Trip To Italy
54:33 Darren Styles Raining Down
55:38 System Of A Dawn Chop Suey!
56:19 Digital Mindz Faxi
57:33 B-Front & Frequencerz Psycho
58:01 Shaun & Baker Explode
59:43 Eminem & Friends Come on Explode Without Me
61:11 Art Of Fighters Goodbye (See You Next Time)

real7a -
Tracklist looks amazing  :)
kopmok -
On 29-07-2015 12:13:37, real7a wrote:

Tracklist looks amazing  :)

The work of the tracklist was also worse than the mix of sets. XD
real7a -
LOL. I've listened twice, solid work, cheers  :)
kopmok -
On 31-07-2015 15:34:42, real7a wrote:

LOL. I've listened twice, solid work, cheers  :)

Thanks  :)