Shoutbox: [20-09] pointlesspoint: @ThaClown: At the moment i can ID 1 track: DJ Mutante - Mutante Is The Shit (2005). So i suppose it's a handful of that stuff. I am a bit familiair with the French style before 2000, most likely there's nothing in this mix, must be of the later period... .

Loony @ Old Trance Mix


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1. 4 Strings - Sunrise
2. Lost Witness - Red Sun Rising (Lange Remix)
3. Andy Ling - Fixation (Airwave Remix)
4. Quo Vadis - Sonic Boom (Life's Too Short) (Yomanda Remix)
5. Blockster - Grooveline (Matt Darey Remix)
6. Marc Et Claude - La (Moonman's Flashover Mix)
7. Fragma - Toca Me (In Petto Remix)
8. Atlantis vs. Avatar ft. Miriam Stockley - Fiji (Lange Remix)
9. Marc Et Claude - I Need Your Lovin' Like The Sunshine (Dark Moon Remix)
10. Mauro Picotto - Komodo (Save A Soul) (Rob Searle Remix)
11. Jan Johnston - Flesh (Tiësto Remix)
12. Myon & Shane 54 ft. Labworks - Ibiza Sunrise (Classic Dub)

Motorhead -
Oh, you are back..
Loony -
Big Dawg
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Life begins at 140
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is zat
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