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Phonofrantic @ Industrial Trauma Records

Early Terror

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1. Fist Of Fury - ‎The Exorcist Part I
2. Mouse - Faf
3. Fist Of Fury - ‎The Exorcist Part II
4. Fist Of Fury - Raï-Kore Vol. II
5. Auto-psy - If
6. No Name - A [FISCH016]
7. EPC - Percistance
8. Ryl, La Foudre, & Neurobug - Country Break
9. EPC - Haikumputer Pt 2 / EPC Plays La Peste 2
10. Neurocore - Dlaczego Tak Daleko
11. Element Abuse - Nothing To Fear, Nothing To Doubt
12. Le Talium - Les Cris
13. Auto-Psy - Escape
14. Auto-Psy - Go Out
15. No Name - Control
16. Mouse - Digne
17. No Name - Latex
18. Auto-Psy - Andropose

Bedlam -
He's not much of a DJ but he has done a lot for the Scottish hardcore scene. Put on the Hangars Liquides Night @ The Big Joint in 2011 ... etc. Mouse and No Name's number one fan. He also has made some great tunes on his own record label Phonique Lysergance Recs. A bit like the Underground Pereversions label stuff with a classical twist.

01 - 00:00:00 - Fist Of Fury - ‎The Exorcist Part I [Hangars Liquides ‎– HL 010] "1999"
02 - 00:06:32 - Mouse - Faf [Fraktal ‎– FRT 0196] "1996"
03 - 00:09:11 - Fist Of Fury - ‎The Exorcist Part II [Hangars Liquides ‎– HL 010] "1999"
04 - 00:11:34 - Fist Of Fury - Raï-Kore Vol. II [Phantasm Records ‎– PHA 001] "2000"
05 - 00:15:15 - Auto-Psy - If [Fischkopf Hamburg ‎– fisch 18] "1996"
06 - 00:18:11 - No Name - A [Fischkopf Hamburg ‎– FISCH016] "1996"
07 - 00:21:15 - EPC - Percistance [Fischkopf Hamburg ‎– fisch023] "1997"
08 - 00:24:04 - Ryl, La Foudre, & Neurobug - Country Break [No-Tek Records ‎– NO-TEK 011] "2000"
09 - 00:28:13 - EPC - Haikumputer Pt 2 / EPC Plays La Peste 2 [Hangars Liquides ‎– HL 001] "1998"
10 - 00:31:43 - Neurocore - Dlaczego Tak Daleko [Hangars Liquides ‎– HL 018] "2004"
11 - 00:39:39 - Element Abuse - Nothing To Fear, Nothing To Doubt [Anti Narcose ‎– narc01] "2005"
12 - 00:44:01 - Le Talium - Les Cris [Underground Perversions Records ‎– UPR 003] "2005"
13 - 00:47:09 - Auto-Psy - Escape [Fischkopf Hamburg ‎– fisch 18] "1996"
14 - 00:50:51 - Auto-Psy - Go Out [Fischkopf Hamburg ‎– FISCH22] "1997"
15 - 00:55:31 - No Name - Control [Fischkopf Hamburg ‎– FISCH19] "1996"
16 - 00:59:05 - Mouse - Digne [Fraktal ‎– FRT 0196] "1996"
17 - 01:02:54 - No Name - Latex [Fischkopf Hamburg ‎– FISCH19] "1996"
18 - 01:03:38 - Auto-Psy - Andropose [Fischkopf Hamburg ‎– FISCH22] "1997"
Bedlam -
Forgot to say thanks for the upload, but please do not insult these great artists by calling this Frenchcore.
Edited by Bedlam on 08-06-2015 22:49
darryn -
Great track list haven't listened although not a set ever recorded by me or played by me
I've never owned the phantasm record until last year

Don't know why my name is credited to this It may be Jacqueline I remember she put out one or two recordings with similar track list many years ago but of course it's certainly my style of music

I only have one dj set recording online somewhere called noise experiments I'm sure

Just thought I'd clear that up

Thanks for the nice remarks anyway regarding my contribution to scene and productions
Not active any more although now and again find the inspiration to write music

darryn -
In fact I'm sure this is Jacqueline mix for the industrauma records project which was to be a series of dj mixes which Never materialized
ColinHQ -
Do you like owls?
I might see Jaqueline at the weekend, I'll ask her Darren.
darryn -
Send my love to her and big psykore mate !
Hope your good Colin
Bedlam -
Hi there Darren thank you for being so polite. When I said; "He's not much of a DJ," I did not mean that in general. I just thought in my opinion there is not much mixing going on here as the tracks are all played a bit long. Your DJ'ing skills have been proved by the bookings you have had over the years.

I think I found this same mix on another website named 'Phonofrantic - Industrauma Recordings' not 'Industrial Trauma Records' as on here, so I believed it to be really you. There was no working download link or tracklist so I don't know now what that actually might have been? Can't find the website now?

I uploaded this mix on another website and did the tracklist for it. You guys who make the comments above would know a lot more about this than me, but this mix does not sound like Jacqueline's style of mixing to me. Though common sense should tell me by the tunes played, name Industrauma etc it should be her. Greatest respect to you as well Colin and if you see her we might get the real answer. I've uploaded all her mixes that I know of on here GTW where I am known as Blastfast.

Darren your mix was called 'Neuro Noise Experiments Volume 1.' I found it on website nearly five years ago. The download link to a Soundcloud page was dead. So I have never heard it. I did however put up the tracklist on the Gabba Tracklist World website. DJ Fon Plaz from GTW tried to contact you on to see if you would reup the mix but did not get a reply. I know there were a few other people on there as well who wanted to hear it. If you still have the mix on mp3 and you fancy uploading it again that would be great. You could get me here or on the GTW website where I am known as Blastfast aka (pain in the arse)!

Anyway Darren I hope you continue in the hardcore scene in whatever shape or form that might be. You won't know me as I am a 'teuchter' though I know Glasgow quite well. I know The Big Joint as I was to another party there about 10 years ago with Simon Underground and Ian Beckwith (one half of Memetic). Can't remember who the guys were that ran the party but they were from Maryhill?

Thank you all.
darryn -
Mr bedlam there was absolutely no offence taken regarding that comment I wasn't sure if it was in reference to the mix or your experience of seeing me play either way your your completely entitled to remark fairly on any dj or mix my friend and personally I've been called worse haha but thanks for elaborating on that .

I was more humbled by your own kind words and acknowledgement that followed regArding the scene/ productions and can only thank you for a real positive and well informed observation anyone would be delighted to accept that so really appreciate that

Yes that was the exact name of that mix of mine . I no longer have the file but I'm sure a friend does so I'll try and dig it up and certainly forward it if I can.

Take it easy and best regards

Bedlam -
Thanks for the reply. I hope somebody still has your mix. If it still is available it will be much appreciated by a few people.