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Hardstyle Mafia @ Loudness 03-2015


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Liveset Hardstyle Mafia @ Loudness 07.03.2015

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1. Hardstyle Mafia ft. Yuna-X - Follow Me (Loudness Intro Edit)
2. Hardstyle Mafia - Total Stranger
3. Hardstyle Mafia - World in Darkness
4. Freakshow - Something Inside Me
5. Sasha F - Hardstyle Matters (Delete Remix)
6. Return Corps & Hollow - Wrong Frequency (Zany Remix) (Infirium's Rekick Mix)
7. Hardstyle Mafia - Raw Resistance
8. Freakshow - Death Wish
9. Freakshow - When Winter Comes
10. Hardstyle Mafia - Out of Control
11. Hardstyle Mafia & Yuna-X - Sound Of Victory
12. Infirium & Septyme - Recovery
13. Hardstyle Mafia - Merciless Soul (Loudness Test Mix)
14. Hardstyle Mafia & Delete - The Can't Get You Back-Syndrome
15. Hardstyle Mafia - Scream
16. Freakshow - Grande Revenge

EceergDJ -
Zippy added  :thumbsup2:
Joeyy -
Bij de intro gelijk alweer kippenvel. Godver wat lekker weer.  :L
Rocko [Set Editor] -
They are absolutely smashing producer duo. I just hope they will keep up with their current booking pace so we can see & hear more of them <3
Thermus -
'Laatste 100 stemmen'-regenboog.
 :L misschien wel het sterkste setje van de avond
Edited by Thermus on 13-03-2015 14:25
strikernl -
On 13-03-2015 14:24:18, Thermus wrote:

:L misschien wel het sterkste setje van de avond
Edited by strikernl on 13-03-2015 14:35
JlM1337 -
These guys should go live in Holland and be at more parties  :)
Da_spoon -
One of the best HS sets ever  =D
jzoete -
Ik word zo vrolijk weer als ik deze set luister. Het was fantastisch