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Endymion & Phuture Noize @ We Are The Nightbreed 001


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On the 5th of March, Endymion presented the first episode of ‘We Are The Nightbeed’ LIVE on Q-Dance Radio.
Since it was a live show the listeners were able to connect with the show by sending messages on facebook, twitter and instagram.

The first show contains new music by Adaro, Digital Punk, E-Force and Endymion & High Voltage. Besides that you can hear the world premier of Nightbreed Records 002: Bass Chaserz - Reach up in ya mouth. This months guest mix is by Phuture Noize! The guys will release an album soon so check out their mix for some exclusives!

Next episode: 02-04-2015

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1. Atmosfearz - Singularity
2. Outbreak - It's On
3. Bass Chaserz - Reach Up In Ya Mouth
4. High Voltage vs D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Shivers
  Interview: High Voltage
5. Audiofreq - OMG ALIENS!!!
6. E-Force - Blood Written (Qapital 2015 Anthem)
  Catching up with
7. Digital Punk & Frequencerz ft. MC Nolz - We Still Don't Give A Fuck
8. Endymion & High Voltage - About To Get Raw
9. Adaro - RaggaMuffin
10. Alien T - The Hammer Of The Devil
  Interview and Guest mix: Phuture Noize
11. Phuture Noize - Phuture Propaganda (Prelude)
12. B-Front & Digital Punk - For The Girls
13. Endymion & Phuture Noize - Who
14. Mad Dog - Welcome Down (Desnar Remix)
15. Frquencerz - Burning (Phuture Noize Remix)
16. Jack of Sound - Another Ghost Story
17. Phuture Noize - Terrordome
18. Stereotuners - Darkness falls
19. Phuture Noize ft. MC DL - Phuture Propaganda (Part 2)