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Aaron Spectre @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood

Breakcore   Jungle

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Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 01:06:55

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Aaron Spectre - Live in Ghent
recorded october 25 2014
in ghent, belgium

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01 congo natty - revolution (big dada)
02 chopstick dubplate - worldwide traveller feat. top cat & mr. williamz
03 6blocc - jungle livin’ (6blocc)
04 16aj - tetris jungle (16aj)
05 16aj - kill fi fun (r.i.p. vox) (16aj)
06 dj k - on a mission (big cat)
07 feyder - bad sound (mashed youths)
08 capital j - noise check (dj k remix) (dub chamber)
09 krinjah - k.i.l.l.i.n.g. (mashed youths)
10 general malice - this is the year (big cat)
11 rebel mc feat. top cat - original ses (congo natty)
12 rebel mc feat. top cat - original ses (serial killaz remix) (congo natty)
13 feyder - call fi police (mashed youths)
14 t.raumschmiere - rabaukendisko (the bug remix feat. ras bogle)
15 the bug - politicians & paedophiles (ft. daddy freddy) (rephlex)
16 leftside - naughty (dj greg)
17 mr vegas - love zone (dj greg)
18 keida - wine fi yuh (dj greg)
19 i-octane - what a way wi shatting (yellow moon)
20 alkaline - wul de claffy dem (yellow moon)
21 gore tech - ghost warfare (murder channel)
22 gore tech - dancehall massacre (murder channel)
23 rotator - eat drink fuck (sick as fuck remix) (peace off)
24 tech diff - eat drink fuck (original mix) (peace off)
25 rotator - get da fuck up (peace off)
26 rotator - distorted species (peace off)
27 techdiff - metro holographix (hurry up)
28 satan - we have returned (murder channel)
29 zeuge - contamination (peace off)
30 zeuge - blood of the saints (peace off)
31 alborosie - one sound (greensleeves)