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Byzpo @ Gabber.FM COREnect #89

Hardcore   Crossbreed

Submitted by: byzpo @

Filetype: 192 kbit MP3
Length: 00:58:42


Bloodcage - Antichrist Superstar (Drokz Remix)
The Masochist & Chosen Few - More Drugz (Caine Remix)
Furyan - The Ap3x
Bloodcage - Stress
DJ Mad Dog - Thunder-Like
Micromakine - Between Us
Bloodcage - Martyr
Furyan - Bombshell
Angerfist - End (Counterfeit Remix)
Lucy Furr - Something Terrible
East Kingdom - Devil's Symphony
Micromakine - Self Destruction
East Kingdom - Rage Of A King
Kryzys - Opera Terror
Micromakine - Full Immersion
Dolphin - Black Gold
Hazard - Mr Happy (Djipe Remix)
Furyan & Tieum - Clutch
Suicide Rage - The New Shit
Crossfiyah - Voices Of The Dead
Distortion & Dione - Before Dawn (2015 Remaster)
Hellfish - The Beast Incarnate
Chrono - Ghetto Shit (Imperium Bass Remix)