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Destructive Tendencies @ Enter The Dome Promo Mix


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Here is Destructive Tendencies' exclusive Promo Mix for ENTER THE DOME 2014.

A truly unique event taking place on the 27th December 2014 @ The FERRO DOME - Rotterdam.

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1. Destructive Tendencies - I'll Let You Have Your Day
2. Lady Dammage - Suitable Bitch
3. Destructive Tendencies - Fucking Up The Mainstream
4. F. Noize vs. Onesimk - I Gave It To You Bitch
5. Destructive Tendencies - Our Core
6. Lady Dammage - Serious Dammage
7. Brutale - Brutale
8. Lady Dammage - Going Harder
9. Hardbouncer & MC ADK - Killed By My Kickdrum
10. Cryogenic - Victimized
11. Destructive Tendencies vs Hardbouncer - Destiny

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