Shoutbox: [21:25] ProPodziemie: Hi, does anyone have any old sets or songs downloaded on disk? Under the pseudonym Danny Toples or for example Dimf3line, Projekt8, Projekt Podziemie, Sneellix, Static, Danny Bounce? Probably not many people, but if someone has it, please write me a private message, thanks in advance. ????

Frontliner @ X-Qlusive Legends


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1. Frontliner - Discorecord
2. Frontliner - Our District
3. Frontliner ft. John Harris - Halos
4. Frontliner - TBA2 (One More Time) (1)
5. Frontliner - Weekend Warriors (Defqon.1 2013 Anthem)
6. Frontliner - Outside Spacer (Raw Edit)

TheAppetjoek -
Beetje weinig oude nummers. Jammer  :(
gradje -
te gaaf feestje
whoop whoop
Meggido -
That's a shame he arrive in the middle of an epic oldschool party and don't play the game... Even if it's a promotion for his X-Qlusive, we all know he could have played old stuff for 30 min...