Shoutbox: [16:49] McBong: I'm coming from the south, near nuremberg. The train is indeed surprisingly cheap, but it takes seven hours. Maybe I'll just go by bus to my buddies near the netherlands a day before and travel with them by car the next day.

Abortifacient @ Blip Tokyo 2012

Chiptune   Intelligent Dance Music   Breakcore

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Filetype: 256 kbit MP3
Length: 00:30:27

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Abortifacient @ Blip Tokyo 2012 Live Set

"Complete with bilingual punchlines and audio screwups. Enjoy  :)

Massive large ups to Lazerbeat, Cheapshot, NNNNNNNNNN, USK, BSK, Celsius, Ctrix, Dosprompt, Minikomi, Bitshifter, Nullsleep, Covox, Master Kohta, Daniel Green, Chiptography, Professor Abrasive and his AWESOME Drag'n'Derp USB Cartridges, every punter. end namedrop."