Shoutbox: [20-09] The Carcass: Frenchcore to the bone

Stormtrooper @ CCPAR Podcast 79

Industrial Hardcore   Hardcore

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Desde finales de los 90´s, Peter Nitschke aka STORMTROOPER ha estado generando caos y expresando su definición de lo oscuro y lo pesado! Ganando respeto a través de los años como un artista destacado en la escena hardcore, Peter cuenta con lanzamientos en aclamados y prestigiosos sellos discográficos como Industrial Strength y es parte del roster de bookings de The Third Movement.
Invitamos a todos los seguidores del sonido Hard, Dark e Industrial a que disfruten este mix el cual presenta una excelente selección musical, una muestra del talento innovador de Peter, quién los transporta a un viaje que los dejará sentir el impresionante y bestial sonido de STORMTROOPER!


Since the late 90´s, Peter Nitschke aka STORMTROOPER has been generating chaos and expressing his definition of hard & dark! Gaining respect over the years as an outstanding artist in the core scene, with releases on many highly acclaimed labels such as Industrial Strength and he is also part of The Third Movement bookings roster.
We invite you all, followers of the hard, dark & industrial sound to enjoy this mix which features a great track selection, showcasing Peter’s cutting-edge music talent, taking you on a journey that will leave you feeling the almighty heavy hitting sound that is STORMTROOPER!

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1. Broken Rules - Strain The Mind
2. Soulshaver - Loose Control (Persona Non Grata Remix)
3. Jamie Ball & Lenny Dee - MF House
4. N-Vitral - Such Kick
5. Stormtrooper - Meet My Clones
6. Sei2ure - Satisfy
7. Stormtrooper - Crazy Drug Music
8. Frame Of Mind - She Shonin
9. Tymon - Dead Evil
10. Stormtrooper - Energized
11. Dither - The Beast
12. Stormtrooper - Straight Ahead
13. Matt Green - SWOD2
14. Paulistos - We are free (Freedom in Darkness Mix by Stormtrooper)
15. Wasted Mind & Lowroller - Bastard VIP
16. Stormtrooper - Temple of Filth (Dirty Mix)
17. Counterstrike - Mission Impossible
18. Stormtrooper & Stolen Cult - Energy Transfer
19. Dr. Mathlovsky - Paintsniffer
20. Minupren & Stormtrooper - Out of Control
21. Existh - I Feel
22. C-Netik - Loophole
23. Al Twisted & Sleeper Cell - Bullet In Your Brain
24. Ambassador21 - Riot Generation (Stormtrooper Remix)
25. Angel - Can You Hear Me