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Dither @ Signal Flow Podcast 60

Industrial Hardcore

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The 60th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Dither!

We're back with a new mix from Dutch DJ/Producer Dither! He's put a phat mix together for us ranging from techno to hardcore, we hope you enjoy this set as much as we did! Thanks for listening! Here's a little more info about Dither...

Packed with a nice set of productions, Dither earned his place among the top of the scene. With releases on Nekrolog1k/Agnost1k, Tainted Audio, Industrial Strength Records and PRSPCT XTRM he stormed the biggest parties around Europe (Dominator, Decibel, Qore 3.0, Thunderdome, PRSPCT XL, Masters Of Hardcore, Hardcore 4 Life, Defqon 1). Dither is definitely one to watch out for!

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Thanks for listening!

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1. Kubus - Analog Bouncer
2. Clouds - Complete Control
3. Blacknecks - A1
4. Rude Awakening - My Sound So Sick
5. Dep Affect - Intrusive Thoughts
6. Peaky Pounder - Viimeinen
7. Sei2ure - Vengeance
8. Enzyme X - Rauwkost
9. The Spead Freak - The Final Truth
10. Micromakine - Cyberman (Dither's Cyberacid Rework)
11. N-Vitral - Suck Kick
12. The Outside Agency & Ophidian - The Shadows
13. Enzyme X - Dissonant poetry
14. The Teknoist - I'm Not a Psychopath (Dither Remix)
15. The Outside Agency - Enlightened Species
16. DJ Hidden - In My Blood
17. Switch Technique - Belladonna
18. Dither - Adopted The Dark (VIP Edit)
19. Igneon System - Play For Blood
20. Promo - Eternally Dark (I:Gor Remix)
21. Detest - Witch Hunt
22. Traffik - Incriminating Evidence (The DJ Producers 2013 retrofit)
23. I:Gor - Tribute To The Oldschool
24. Deathmachine - Deadly Cycle
25. Detest - Fuck That
26. The Teknoist - Dredd My Head
27. Hellfish - BangFace Time
28. Detest - Bangacore (Hellfish Remix)
29. The DJ Producer - Christina Gets It (RAW Edit)
30. Ruby My Dear - Focus On Sanity

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