Shoutbox: [17:25] ProPodziemie: It's hard for me to imagine Russian Hardbass at a bigger festival, haha, anthem Qlimax Russian Hardbass '' Nature Of The Vodka ... close Ya eyes, and open your mouth ... ''  :D

Venetian Snares @ Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art Gallery


Submitted by: PatrickG88 @

Length: 00:46:04

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Ultra Rare Tracks

Live at Plug in Gallery (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

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1. ID (Venetian Snares - ID)
2. ID (Venetian Snares - ID)
3. ID (Venetian Snares - ID)
4. ID (Venetian Snares - ID)
5. Venetian Snares - Milk
6. Venetian Snares - Let The Dog Out
7. Venetian Snares - Fuck A Stranger In The Ass
8. Venetian Snares - Boiled Angel
9. ID (Venetian Snares - ID)
10. ID (Venetian Snares - ID)