Shoutbox: [06-08] pointlesspoint: I understand you're poning down some principles for creative dj'ing, for which in my own experience experienced dj's (like yourself) probably have more principles to go by than beginners (also in the case of vinyl vs digital mixing). I'm pragmatic in this matter, that's all. If it sounds good, it sounds good.

DJ Hidden @ Dark Menace HC#24

Drum & Bass   Crossbreed

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Here is it!!! Our 24th guest mix done by Dj Hidden  :D
Its a amazing set that you have to check out if you missed it on our broadcast!! ENJOY!!

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1. Despicable Youth ft. Twichee - No Cigar
2. Fortitude - Spectral Army
3. Symptom - No Exceptions
4. Conduct - Shadows
5. Frankee - Away
6. Mefjus - Dissuade
7. Current Value - Get On
8. Black Sun Empire & Noisia - Hideous (The Clamps & Redject Remix)
9. Rregula - Gelantinous
10. Sinister Souls - Earth Prime
11. Frankee - Gully
12. Froxic - Shock Therapy
13. Eastcolor - Electronica
14. The Clamps - Lily's Theme
15. Angel - Can You Hear Me
16. State of Mind - Danse Macabre
17. The Teknoist - Tong Po
18. The Upbeats & InsideInfo - Epsilon
19. Deathmachine - Introspective Future
20. N-Vitral - Sicko Cell
21. DJ Hidden - In My Blood
22. Hostage - Wires (Audio Remix)
23. Synapse - Catastrophy
24. The Outside Agency - The Sunrise
25. DJ Hidden - Surface Understanding

tripomatic -
"nou, dat dus........."
Awesome set!  :worship:
Dilvo -
Pithune -
Mass Vibrant
Frankee - Away
Frankee - Gully

echt een heeeeerlijke release!  :worship:
Zieloneq -
Panzerschreck Ur Ass!
download link added  :W