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Effect @ Kick Therapy Podcast 014

Drum & Bass

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Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 00:45:49

More info
1st podcast of 2014 is about to be held by Polish Drum and Bass Dj/ Producer Effect.
Striking time : NOW! and yes IT'S GOOD!

PS. No, we are not dead! Podcasts are coming out!


KT :

Rated by: Heet


01.Azrael - Breach [T-FREE]
02.Budoka - Morphball [T-FREE]
03.Isotop - Tomb [T-FREE]
04.Budoka - Broken Arrow [T-FREE]
05.Paperclip - Force Choke [TAMP3CORDS]
06.Future Signal - Dissident [Sinuous]
07.Forbidden Society - Forcer (Killer Industries remix) [FS]
08.Effect - TBA
09.Machine Code vs Broken Note- Milk Plus (Effect remix) [NTBR]
10.Allied - Compulsion [Sinuous]
11.Disept & Zendi - New Balance [Nocid Business]
12.2R - Warning [T-FREE]
13.Effect - Linear Regression [Suspect Device]