Shoutbox: [14:54] McBong: Well for festivals and events which are hardcore related its absolute shit, especially the south, but in the winter i'm on a mountain in the alps on skis within 3 hours  :p Anyway, thanks for your help, I'll check all the options  :thumbsup:

DJ Practice & Splinter Cell @ Industro-Core 13

Industrial Hardcore   Hardcore

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Hi guys, I can gladly announce that my podcast INDUSTRO-CORE is now shown every month on an Australian based radio station, Reverse The Bass Radio - so here will be all the shows broadcast on the station and available on their Sound Cloud every month too!

It's back! Industro-core! Here again for 2014 and with a new home, Reverse The Bass Radio. The first episode of the year is already here with a guest mix from Adelaide's SPLINTERCELL as well as some fresh and not so fresh tunes to devour! This is just the beginning....

INDUSTRO-CORE with DJ Practice
Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month - on RTB Radio

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  Host: DJ Practice
1. Enzyme X - Loyalty
2. Life:::Runs:::Red - Theta break
3. Stormtrooper - Floating On A Stream Of Devastated Dreams
4. Deathmachine - Noise In Us
5. Hamunapatra & Ophidian - Darkness Incarnate
6. Enzyme X - Dissonant Poetry (Second Verse By Ophidian & Ruffneck)
7. Hungry Beats - Fuck Haters (Thoqy Remix)
8. Sandy Warez - Back The Fux Hop
9. The Outside Agency & Cooh - Soul keepers
10. Synapse - D.M.T.
11. Negative A - Offspring Of The Mainstream
  Guest: Splinter Cell (Ade)
12. Cannibal Ox - Iron Galaxy (Intro)
13. The Clamps & Igneon System - Demons
14. K12 & The Clamps - Dark Town (District7 & Dirty-Z Remix)
15. Ophidian & D-Passion - Another Destiny
16. Ruffneck ft. Predator - Dreams Of Salvation (Noizeskill Remix)
17. The Clamps - Tha Real Enemy
18. Igneon System - The Wish For Brutality
19. The Clamps - Lily's Theme
20. Ruffneck - Wraith
21. Switch Technique - Origin of life (Detest Remix)
22. The Clamps - The Underground
23. Hungry Beats & District7 - Broken Head
24. Tugie - Beautiful Darkness
25. Darkcontroller & Nonasylum - Dead Man Walking (Andy The Core Remix)
26. District7 - Kill Me
27. Andy The Core - Point Of View