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Milito @ Beter Kom Je Niet vs Partyraiser


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BKJN uit Italië stage

Waaauuuuw! BKJN vs Partyraiser 2014 was amazing.
From the begin till the end of my set the area was fully packed and it was a great pleasure to cover for Alien-T! It went offffff! Thank you all for the support and have fun with the recording!

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1. The Prodigy - No Good (Start The Dance) (Re-Style Bootleg)
2. Bodyshock - Rise Above
3. Prankster - Judge Me
4. Stereotype - Swarm
5. Nitrogenetics - Mu-Sick (Hellsystem Remix)
6. Alien T - Bullets In Their Heads
7. Catscan - The Masque
8. Hellsystem ft. Mekanika - Glory To Rome
9. System Shock - The Adrenaline
10. Javi Boss - Faka Two
11. Juanma & Rayden ft. Junkie Kut - Dancefloor Anarchy
12. Miss K8 vs. Angerfist - New World Order
13. Wasted Mind - You Know
14. Tieum & Angerfist - Dirty Man
15. Dirty bastards ft. MC b-kicker - Slaves
16. Rayden - Master Control
17. Juanma - Gantz
18. Tha Playah & Angerfist ft. MC Jeff - Just Like Me
19. Hellsystem ft. Ellie - Monster (Lowroller Remix)
20. Hardcore Masterz Vienna - Fuck The Police (Darkcontroller Vs. Nonasylum Remix)
21. Tieum & Angerfist - Smile About That
22. Rotterdam Terror Corps & The Hitmen - Time To Kill Another One (Hungry Beats Remix)
23. Bartoch - Bombastic
24. Javi Boss - Frightening