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Dana vs. Luna @ Hard Bass 2004

Early Hardstyle   Early Hardcore   Hardcore

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1. DJ Massiv vs. The Rebel - New Style
2. Stuka DJ - People I Know
3. DJ Spoon vs. The Wacky Waxers - All The Ladies
4. Southstylers - A Bit Crushing
5. Jimmy The Sound - M.O.D.U.L.O.
6. Wheels Of Steel - Terroristz Of Bass (Sam Punk's Hardjump Club Mix)
7. Warmduscher - Hardcore Will Never Die (DERB Remix)
8. Zenith DJ & Avex - Scream (Main Mix)
9. DJ Duco - In Your Head
10. Max B Grant - Tekknopumpin (Radio Mix)
11. Zenith DJ vs. Avex - I'm Your Deejay (Progressive Mix)
12. Mark V. & Poogie Bear - Stomp (Like This)
13. The Pitcher - Start Rocking (Cenoginerz Remix)
14. DJ Lazy - Fucking Music
15. Showtek - Controller (DJ Duro Remix)
16. Southstylers - E-Town
17. Brooklyn Bounce - X2X (We Want More) (Deepack Remix)
18. Space Invaders - Anything Else (Dope Mix)
19. Ma-Pe-Ro - My Odissy (Marco vs. Peppe Mix)
20. Machinehead - Chaos Legion (Zatox Mix)
21. Sampleboxxx - Firestarter
22. Jim Noizer - Let The Music Play
23. Dana - Back In Time
24. Deepack vs. Luna - Stomper
25. Zairon - I'm Techno
26. Bison Meets Quakers - I Got Tonight
27. W.A.S.H. - We Are Still Here
28. Dr Macabre - Poltergeist
29. Dominium - Let Your Mind (Bass Mix)
30. Brain Ovulation - Only Kick (Runnin' Mix)
31. Rexanthony - Gocoke
32. Digital Boy - OK, Allright ('96 Remix)
33. Buzz Fuzz - Jealousy (Is A M.F.) (Neophyte Remix)
34. Miss Groovy Meets The Wolf - Angels (Miss Groovy Mix)
35. Rexanthony - Lsdarkparty (Part I)
36. E-Rick Meets Sequential One - Dance (Remix Part II)
37. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (DJ Cerla's 172 Bpm Rave Mix)
38. The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul - Thrillseeka (The Stunned Guys 2004 Reload)
39. DJ Promo - Phreak Ya Speaka
40. Prezioso - Raise Your Power (Hardcore Vrs. Stunned Guys)
41. DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse - EXLXAXL
42. Tommyknocker - Demolition
43. DJ Paul & Distortion - Motherfucker
44. Project Omeaga - Prednison Attack
45. Nasty Django - Hardcore Muthafucka
46. Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone (Masters Of Ceremony Dope Mix)
47. J.D.A. - Voel Je Die Bass

wat een heerlijke set is dit zeg
3 uur lang gas geven  :w00t:  8-)
Morango -
What is real?
ooh yeaahh HS  :thumbsup2:

this was on ID&T Radio?
OldschoolRaver -
On 08-08-2009 20:26:22, Morango wrote:

ooh yeaahh HS  :thumbsup2:

this was on ID&T Radio?

yes  :yay:  :yay:  :yay:
Morango -
What is real?
On 08-08-2009 20:35:56, OldschoolRaver wrote:


yes  :yay:  :yay:  :yay:

i found this set @ ID & T Radio.. ithought it could be a different one...

thanks  :thumbsup:
Heet -
This set starts with hardstyle and ends with hardcore! One of my favorite sets ever! Duration almost 3 hours!!!!

not start EHS and end with EHC? =p 0o
lawlor100 -
dont mean to sound a little thick but from what tune would you say it officially becomes HARDCORE i was thinking from Jim Noizer - Let The Music Play.would you agree?
what an awesome set by the way real pumping AGGRESSION!!!

 :bomb:  (L)  :yay:  :thumbsup2:  :worship:
thepopenl -
nice set listen to it all day
Crysonic -
TL!!!  :w00t:

36. Rexanthony - Lsdarkparty (Part I)  :L
steviedoyle [Set Editor] -
Life begins at 140
On 29-09-2009 21:02:25, lawlor100 wrote:

dont mean to sound a little thick but from what tune would you say it officially becomes HARDCORE i was thinking from Jim Noizer - Let The Music Play.would you agree?


bit of HS after
Smetn_HS -
Rehab is for quitters.
3u lang!
leuk  8-)
RuffJ -
27. W.A.S.H. - We Are Still Here = Diego Buffoni Remix
lucswinkels -
fakkin hell, wát een setje is dit idd,3 hours of pure eargasm. beter vindt je ze niet..  :bomb:  :worship:  :yay:
Edited by lucswinkels on 08-06-2012 12:18
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
new link added
sHizo -
On 14-11-2013 10:13:02, Hansolo wrote:

new link added

THX  :thumbsup: awesome set  :L
Davidus -
Beste. Set. Ever. (vind ik)

Dat mixwerk, het echte battlen met elkaar, de platenkeuzen. Geweldig!!
lifefix -
On 08-12-2015 13:49:54, Davidus wrote:

Beste. Set. Ever. (vind ik)

Dat mixwerk, het echte battlen met elkaar, de platenkeuzen. Geweldig!!

zeker!  :)
pointzero -
reuploaded in 256kbs
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