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Epic noise @ Injurious Bastards Contest Mix


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Here's my demo mix for the injurious bastards event by wars events , i hope you like it

My last mix of the year  :) , best wishes to all of u !

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1. Legion Of The Lost - Sick Days (1)
2. E-Noid - Antichrist (Darkcontroller Remix)
3. Negative A & Darkcontroller - Nothing but the real shit (Epic noise Remix)
4. Vextor vs. F. Noize - Hell Warriors
5. Darkcontroller - Twisted Fuck (The Unfamous Remix)
6. Darkcontroller - Copkiller (Destructive Tendencies Remix)
7. Chrono & Imperium Bass - The Rager
8. Proto X - Dark angel
9. The Geminizers - Out of Control (Destructive Tendencies Remix)
10. Tensor & Re-Direction - Flatline