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Imminent Starvation @ Feuerwerk


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Imminent live at Feuerwerk, Munich, 30 October 2009

In the 90s, Somatic Responses and Imminent (ne: Starvation) pretty much set the standard for 'forward thinking industrial'. While SR continued their barrage of releases throughout the years, Imminent took a decade off to pursue some of his other projects like Axiome, Torsion, Ambre, The Incredible Three, Urawa and others. The break apparently did him good, because the album he released under the Imminent moniker after all those years was Cask Strength, which is a monumental work of art and the best album of his career.

I caught him at Feuerwerk in one of my favorite cities of all time, Munich, on Halloween weekend in 2009. The show served as sort of a record release show as the album officially came out earlier that week, which was fortuitous timing as he played a bunch of tunes from the new album as well as some choice cuts from his previous magnum opus Nord.

Recorded by Humorless Productions

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1. Imminent - Garn
2. Imminent - Teskede
3. Imminent Starvation - Untitled
4. Imminent - Samba Mit Mir
5. Imminent - Bock
6. Imminent - Droak
7. Imminent Starvation - Rubbs
8. Imminent - Ila
9. Imminent Starvation - Lost Highway 45
10. Imminent Starvation - Tentack One