Acti @ Qlimax 2013

Hardtrance   House

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Length: 01:10:00
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1. ACTI - 1978
2. ACTI - Krayver
3. ID (ACTI - TBA) (1)
4. ACTI & Antolini - Belther
5. ACTI - Peacock
6. ACTI - Sleenker
7. ACTI - Vicker
8. ACTI - Slammer
9. ACTI - Peralux
10. Bart Claessen - Chimaera (ACTI Edit)
11. Cyberpunkers vs The Squatters - Fuck The Zippyshare System (Activator's Subground Mashup)
12. ACTI - Narrot
13. Technoboy & Activator - Steam Train

Nemrah -
King Of Core
Fuckking vette shit dit  :D
Xperior -
ACTI:  :worship:
Subground:  :bomb:
Snufver -
Awesome opening set, I think it was the best set on Qlimax (together with the A2 set). But I guess the people aren't ready/into the subground sound, the vibe was lacking. But still, great job by ACTI!  :worship:
Riverbeatz -
 :beer:SUBGROUND HEFTIG  :beer:
Evologic -
The third track now have a name?
Evologic -
The name of the third track is: Acti - Slylow