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Oniria @ The Journey Through the Black Temples of Akshardham

Industrial   Ambient   Intelligent Dance Music

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Reaching the black temples there is now no way back but to go through as the trees from the possessed forest behind you close the last path with their living roots.
Hiding and harboring inside the temples are countless ancient nightmares in the form of demons and spirits that where trapped from the past.
These mysterious ancient structures form the dark paranormal border towards the realm of the emperor beyond, the emperors and kings long gone guard their wicked heir till eternity.
But will you make it though alive is the question?

Or will you become just another human offering towards the Black 9 armed Goddess wich has just been awakened by your arrival..

The Black mantras of spiritual paralyzation and bodily decay:

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1. ShadowMan - Deadside
2. Na-Hag - Lost Cities
3. ShadowMan - Fire, Blood & Prophecy
4. Na-Hag - Alpha Waves Are Dying, Theta-Rhythm Is Ready
5. Tzolk'in - Quetzacoatl
6. This Morn' Omina - Ananda
7. Tzolk'in - Tlazolteotl
8. Na-Hag - Atavism
9. Na-Hag - Just Can't Sleep Sound
10. ZandoZ Corp. - Dance Of Transmutation
11. Tzolk'in - Kumk'u
12. This Morn' Omina - N=NE
13. ShadowMan - Trials of the Gad
14. Hysteresis - Mental Universe
15. Imminent Starvation - Arles
16. Na-Hag - The Demon Inside Me
17. Na-Hag - You Worship Me
18. Converter - Denogginizer (Kill The Brain)
19. Na-Hag - Die Die Die People Nation
20. This Morn' Omina - Nigunnum
21. Nin Kuji - Theatre (Stages)
22. This Morn' Omina - Momentum I
23. Sonar - Touch The Mirror
24. Ophidian - Mantra
25. Wieloryb - Walk In The Himalayas
26. Oniria - The Temple of Sacrifice
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