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Scrap.EDX , Cenotype , Enduser & Intoner @ DNA Lounge

Industrial   Breakcore   Intelligent Dance Music

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Length: 04:58:13

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.SYSTEM. Productions & Death Guild present.. Scrap.EDX @ DNA Lounge, San Francisco (03-02-2008)
[8pm - 2am]

[Industrial | Powernoise | Breakcore | IDM | Rhythmic Noise]

Performing live:
Scrap.EDX (Hands Productions / Hive Records)
Cenotype (Hive Records)
End.User (Hymen / Ad Noiseam / Sublight / Ohm)

DJ Intoner (Death Guild)

"Scrap.EDX is a high performance combat evolved audio system primarily designed for urban industrial applications. Encompassing the latest technology in computer based audio weaponry, Scrap.EDX offers the operator a superior tactical advantage on the battlefield in all theatres of war.

Scrap.EDX's has been described as a mix of industrial hardcore, hard techno, breakcore, IDM and rhythmic noise, and is characterized by its complex and evolving rhythmic sequences, fluid atmospheric sound beds, political sampling and successful referencing and mixing of multiple subgenres of aggressive electronic music."

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