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Fierce Ruling Diva @ House of God


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Legendary performance of Fierce Ruling Diva at the illegal even more legendary weekly Multigroove rave featuring MC Sweet n' Lo. Multigroove was raided by the police three weeks after the performance. We could have called this CD "Live @ MayDay" because we did the same set a week later in the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund at MayDay "Judgement Day", but it was actually recorded @ Multigroove by super engineer Mikel Le Roy so we decided not to fake it...

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1. Fierce Ruling Diva - Rubb It Over
2. Fierce Ruling Diva - Housemusic
3. Fierce Ruling Diva - Come In Running
4. Fierce Ruling Diva - Get Funky With Me
5. Fierce Ruling Diva - You Better Take This
6. Fierce Ruling Diva - Believe It Or Not
7. Fierce Ruling Diva - T.E.E.
8. Fierce Ruling Diva - Knowledge

Tweak1976 -
Missing The Good Old Days
F.R.D. (Flamman & Abraxas) ft. Sweet N' Low (MC)

Recorded @ the party 'House of God' in The Multigroove, Westport of Amsterdam (Elementenstraat). Two weeks after this party the place was shut down. (Its not the Multigroove @ Hemkade, Zaandam)

Fierce Ruling Diva :

01. Rubb It Over
02. Housemusic
03. Come In Running
04. Get Funky With Me
05. You Better Take This
06. Believe It Or Not
07. T.E.E.
08. Knowledge
ThaClown -
In theory everything is straight
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ThaClown -
In theory everything is straight
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