Demanufacturer @ Summer Darkness 2013

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This is the set i played at this year's Summer Darkness festival, a 3-day dark underground festival in Utrecht.
I was the opening act for the Industrial Night of this festival.
The set ranges from 110 to 150 BPM.

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1. Nin Kuji - barefoot r&n / reprise
2. Ruinenromantik - Klangwand
3. The Outside Agency - The Wandering Mind
4. Embrionyc & Demanufacturer - One Drop of Mercury
5. Chainreactor - X-tinction
6. Ophidian as Raziel - Dormant Impulse
7. Demanufacturer - Anti-Spiral
8. Ophidian as Raziel - Groundwalker
9. Embrionyc - My First EVE Injection
10. Embrionyc - When The Hate Starts To Change The World
11. Biomek - Realm Of Existence
12. Ybrid - Vortiko
13. Omkara Techichi - Ultra Violet

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The slower you get, the harder I get.
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On 27-09-2013 16:20:04, DelugeOfSound wrote:

The slower you get, the harder I get.

So, you got softer? Because the tempo goes up during the set  :(
Maybe i should start on 110 and then slow down  :p
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