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Mindustries @ Minds In Motion

Industrial Hardcore

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Minimix for the upcoming 'Minds in Motion' album by Mindustries. Coming out soon on Third Movement.

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1. Mindustries - Juggernaut
2. Mindustries - Definder
3. Mindustries - Vengeance
4. Mindustries - Minds in Motion
5. Mindustries - Walking into Darkness
6. Mindustries - Meddling Glass
7. Mindustries - Beyond Control
8. Mindustries - Bitz
9. Mindustries - Intoxication of Power
10. Mindustries - Empty Spaces
11. Mindustries - Nightmares Creatures
12. Mindustries - The End
13. Mindustries - Tech Noire

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Ik heb net mijn bureau ondergekwijld... En de onderkant is nu ook bedekt met een of andere kleverige substantie... Juist ja... Zo goed is het  :p
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