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Oniria @ Summer Darkness Tribute Mix

Industrial   Breakcore   Other

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Length: 00:48:00

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For the oncoming Summer Darkness (a annually held dark underground and gothic lifestyle festival held in Utrecht wich I will attend and am highly excited about like a teenage girl)
I have made this mix as a tribute towards it. Among others its a personal tribute towards the Storm party as a part of Summer Darkness, aswell as a smudge of the most kinky and filthiest noise as a grimey wink towards the noisenight the followin day.

From sinister ebm and grinding noise technoid all the way towards the edges of experimental electronics, where beats and rhytms flash in lightspeed on a atomic scale as if forging an neo universe.

For those who not able to attend this awesomness, this is a small collage of what you'll be missing out on, Teehee!

Ps: Included in the mix is a track by myselve, can you recognize it?

Let the paranormal rythms and sounds of darkness overtake thee!

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1. Ni'mRoD - Wastelands
2. Asphyxia - Cauchemars
3. Asphyxia - Rotten From The Inside
4. Universally Unnecessary - Asinine
5. Synapscape - Got Up (v.2)
6. Hysteresis - La Mer Du Nord
7. Hypnoskull - Mediadeath (Face Your)
8. Iszoloscope - -28°C & Falling
9. Wieloryb - Maharastra
10. Oniria - Jinndra
11. Mono-Amine - The Men Behind The Curtain
12. Ophidian - Abandon
13. Ophidian - End The Earth
14. Meander - Black Smoke
15. Imminent - Ebat
16. Meander - Mourning Waltz Synthapella
17. Igorrr vs. Bong-Ra - Tombs
18. SA†AN - Gates of Oblivion
19. Undacova - Induction
20. r.roo - Her Movie (Cloud Roots Remix)