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DHHD @ Hardclassics on the Beach 2013

Early Hardstyle

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Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 00:47:35

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1. Luna meets Trilok & Chiren - So Many More
2. Luna meets Trilok & Chiren - We Control the Sound (1)
3. Luna meets Trilok & Chiren - Hear Me Now
4. Trilok & Chiren - Mythica
5. Gizmo & Symastic - Listen Up (Trilok & Chiren Remix)
6. Trilok & Chiren - Crime Vendetta
7. DHHD - Indication
8. Luna, Trilok & Chiren - Street Knowledge
9. DHHD - DHHD (The Anthem)
10. DHHD - 30 Minutes
11. Trilok & Chiren - It's Called The Music
12. DHHD - Rush
13. DHHD - Funky Shit
14. Luna meets Trilok & Chiren - Hear Me Now

Morango -
What is real?
added some TLs on Hardclassics on the beach 2013 all made by Lyst (Hardtraxx)  :thumbsup:
IkaMusume -
King Arthur
Fuck, this is the best event ever!
Absence -
05. Gizmo & Symastic - Listen Up (Trilok & Chiren Remix)
B. -
Whoehoooo wat een set <3
Pithune -
Mass Vibrant

right in front of the dj booth  :D this was fucking huuuuuge, thumbs up for trilok & chiren for playing mythica style ;D
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lucswinkels -
On 20-07-2013 11:53:57, IkaMusume wrote:

Fuck, this is the best event ever!

 :yes:Damn right it is..  :thumbsup2:
steviedoyle [Set Editor] -
Life begins at 140
DHHD  :worship:
dreos1337 [Set Editor] -
Jazeker, de apotheker
Fuck, toch maar weer eens heen volgend jaar!
JNKz -
hardcore 4 life!
Den Haag rox as always ADO&L!
Micha82 -
What a set!  :worship:
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