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Oniria @ The Causeway Towards Human Salvation

Intelligent Dance Music   Breakbeat   Industrial

Submitted by: Oniria @

Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 01:29:23

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The war between humans, mechanoids and the possessed ones came to a imminent climax.
In this bloody and seemingly endless fray the emperor god made use of and obliterated being after being.
As the last group of humans remained in their nucleair bunkers, the emperor god unleashed its hell upon it.
Realizing their forthcoming end the humans gathered their strength and with combined forces of magic and technology repelled the Fiends attack.

The Emperor god had not foreseen such a powerfull attack, and as a result of this sudden upredictable union crumbled as a lifeless statue in the oblivious sky. Its eroding stones fell as small meteorites on the blasted earth surface.

The remaining humans , witnessing the state of destruction , where grieved at what their hands had caused, what imminent hatred, selfishness and greed had caused.
From the once blossoming technological kingdoms in the sky to ashes upon the earth..

As the silver sun shone its light subtly upon the earth, the remaining ones forged a union and a promise.
The promise to rebuild what had been obliterated and destroyed, and a union of true spiritual everlasting bonds.
Man had severed the ties with the spirit and only ever taught in material goods, and measured everything as such.
Only in the war of demons and mechanoids they pursued it, the satanic side that is.. and as such they destroyed not only themselves but everyone around them.

The garden of Eden that earth was promised to be was heavily tarnished.. but not forever destroyed.

Gathering the ruins the humans set to walk together on the Causeway towards human Salvation..

Upon setting the seeds for this garden, the human fellowship prayed the following..

"Blossoming flowers of Eden, prevent this soul to lose its inner and true reason.
Darkening hours tormentingly unpleasant, black clouds clashed against one another with lightening devided by a pure Sun. Bless the earth with a prosperous new season.
Align the trees together to their devine ground, You as our holy and only parent, once lost, now finally found.. pour thine water for the rest of eternity, coloring and growing the seeds wich are to grow here with this holy supply wich only in thine hands are limitlessly abound."

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Toffe tracks chef maar je moet soms echt met je klauwen van de effecten afblijven.