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Alphaverb & Intractable One @ Intents Festival 2013


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Length: 00:30:06

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This is a studio remake of our liveact at Intents Festival 2013.

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1. Alphaverb - We're Not Alone
2. Alphaverb - Realization Of A Dream
3. Alphaverb - Give It Up Again (ft. Bass Modulators)
4. Alphaverb & Intractable One - Crowd Analyzer (AVIO Live Edit)
5. Alphaverb - In Between (I'm Not Euphoric Mix)
6. Intractable One - Confidence
7. Alphaverb - Get On The Floor
8. Alphaverb - Rise Again
9. Alphaverb - Dream or Reality ('Wrong' Edit)
10. Intractable One - Hypercontraction
11. Alphaverb - Epic Bass
12. Intractable One - Guerilla Radio
13. KloneZ vs Busho - Wreak Havoc (Alphaverb Remix)

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Alphaverb – In Between (I’m Not Euphoric Mix)

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