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Simon Patterson @ In New DJs We Trust - BBC Radio 1

Psytrance   Trance   Techno

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Length: 01:00:00
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01. Neelix- Sleepwalk
02. Beatman and Ludmilla - Happy Sad
03. Simon Patterson & Jordan Suckley - Vanilla
04. Simon Patterson - The One (feat. Lucy Pullin)
05. Dr Fish - M.U.D.M.A (Blazer Remix)
06. Vertical mode - Modular Pitch
07. E-Clip - Troublemaker
08. Bitkit - Logical
09. Leon Beilmann - Winter Rush (Andres Sanchez Remix)
10. Evo & Faveon - Chrome (MilamDo Pres. Harmonic Rush Remix)
11. Staticflow - Reality Flex
12. Black Noise - In The Dark (Martian Arts Remix)
13. Simon Patterson - Thump (Simon Patterson 2013 Remix)
14. Astrix - High On Mel
15. Fictivision Vs. C-Quence - Symbols (Will Atkinson 5000 Remix)
16. [unknown] - Unknown

steviedoyle [Set Editor] -
Life begins at 140
Fair play to simon, well deserved.
Motorhead -
why you add Techno tag if there is no any techno tunes at all...and i think Simon never played Techno at all, few times maybe... and 2nd and 5th tunes are Breaks and Psy Breaks and if you think that those are Techno you're so wrong.
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steviedoyle [Set Editor] -
Life begins at 140
Im not saying there techno at all lad. I'm just adding the tag for good measure. An ps simon starts of most of his open up shows with a techno track or two.  :thumbsup:
Robbin038 -
Simon Patterson always +1.

Motorhead -
Then just remove techno tag and add Breakbeat instead of it.