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Dither @ Convoi Exceptionnel Promotional Mix

Industrial Hardcore   Techno

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Length: 00:49:25

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A promotional mix I made for ''Convoi Exceptionnel''. This new event will be held on the 25th of May at the Paradigm club in Groningen.

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1. Exercise One - Top Score (Stop Thinking!)
2. Blawan - Tuesday's March
3. Limit Cycle - Quantization Error
4. Lee Mac - Solitary Confinement
5. Mindustries - Opus Mechanica
6. Muleculez - Demolition
7. Peaky Pounder - Viisi
8. Dither - Half Measures
9. Mindustries - Reclaim
10. Void Settler - Gnomes Tinker With Time (Hellfish Remix)
11. Peaky Pounder - Sota On Ohi
12. The DJ Producer - Resistance Attack Mode
13. Dither - The Beast
14. Tymon - Dead Evil
15. Stormtrooper - Beautiful Music
16. N-Vitral - Kombat Aktion
17. Detest - Next Attack
18. Switch Technique & Deatmachine - Bog People
19. Stormtrooper - Condemned To Darkness
20. The DJ Producer - Uncertain Sound

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