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Frequencerz vs. Chris One @ Knock Out! 2013 Round 7


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Length: 00:56:49

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1. Frequencerz & B-Front - Fatality
2. Frequencerz - Burning Sleep (Mashup)
3. The Beholder & Zany - Act Of Rage
4. Tatarola - Who Is Calling? (Chris One Remix)
5. Zany & Frequencerz - Quakers
6. Frequencerz - Revolution (Live Edit)
7. Frequencerz & E-Force - Attention
8. Chris One - Revelations
9. Radical Redemption ft. Frequencerz - Insanity
10. Chris One ft. The Machine - Never Fall Asleep
11. B-Front & Frequencerz - Delusion
12. Southstylers - Pwoap! (Live Edit)
13. Chris One - Sin City
14. Chris One - Psycho (Goat Edit)
15. B-Front & Frequencerz ft. MC Nolz - One Of A Kind
16. Chris One - Knock Out 2013 Tool
17. B-Front - Mysterias
18. DJ Thera & Frequencerz - Incoming
19. Chris One - Psycho/Knife Party - Internet Friends (Organ Donors Remix) (Solutio & The I's Mashup)
20. Chris One & The Machine - Different Kind Of Therapy
21. Frequencerz - Bitch (B-Freqz Hardcore Remix)

Serbie -
My bad guys, downloaded both, mislabeled them  :W
RazorBack -
 :bomb:  :bomb:  :bomb:
the_convicted [Set Editor] -
Added to favourites for sure!  :yay:
qseb -
frequencerz fanatics
very very  :bomb:  :bomb:  :bomb:  :bomb:  :bomb: set
Morango -
What is real?
19. Chris One - Psycho/Knife Party - Internet Friends (Organ Donors Remix) (Solutio & The I's Mashup)

also Psycho mets Scary Movie 1 movie samples

On 24-03-2013 15:40:53, heny wrote:

Overall a great set but the mixing is kinda bad at times.

yep... mixing  :-/
showgarcia -
Fucking GoatStep jajajajaj
09. Radical Redemption ft. Frequencerz - TBA  :yay:
Motorhead -
Chris One totally ruined set.... boring selection & mixing too... Winner is : Frequencerz
Motorhead -
On 28-05-2013 21:55:32, Motorhead wrote:

Dislike! Chris One totally ruined set.... sounds so booring,selection of tracks, omg, so smart & mixing too could be better for such party... So winner is : Frequencerz
DannyH -
Totally sarcasm!
jokerking76 -
simply amazing! flawless set  :thumbsup2:  :worship:  _O-  :yay:  :yay:  (L)

09: Radical Redemption & Frequencerz - Insanity
not TBA
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