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DJ D , DJ Twilight & Backlash & Smurf @ GGM RAW Radio

Hardcore   Terror

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DJ D -Gloria (Hardcore Blasters)
Nitrogenetics (Hardcore Blasters)
The Viper vs G-Town Madness - Come As One (Viper records)
D-Passion - Put Things Right (Third movement)
DJ D & Nitrogenetics - Raise and Blaze (Hardcore Blasters)
Art of Fighters - Do or Die (Traxtorm)
Art of Fighters - Artwork (Tha Playah remix) (Traxtorm)
Placid K - Are You Aware? (Masters of Hardcore)
Nitrogenetics - Hit Me! (Hardcore Blasters)
DJ D - Shock The Future (Hardcore Blasters)
Art of Fighters vs Endymion - Let's Get It On (Traxtorm)

DJ Twilight & Backlash
Tracklisting to follow

Solely - Say More Shit (SDG 1)
Akira - Ripping Fuckin Strength (Industrial Strength 73)
M1dy - 37 Dicks (Dual Kore 5)
Mutante - Party Accommodant (CSR 9)

Rongkongkong !
lekker setje, vooral de nummers van DJ D.  :thumbsup:
hawker -
Een venter.
I'm down with DJ D's stuff  :thumbsup2:  :worship:
Morango -
What is real?
DJ D fking great mainstream hardcore set, meet DJ Twilight with his speedcore
and finally taste Smurf's terror. Supa hardcore pack of the harder styles!  :thumbsup2:
hawker -
Een venter.
2nd track in DJD's set = Nitrogenetics - Intimidation, to be certain  8-)