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Ran-D @ Freaqshow 2012-2013


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  Freaqshow Intro
1. Ran-D & Redixx - No Cure
2. Ran-D - My Way
3. Ran-D - Dimensions (Reverze 2013 Anthem)
4. Frequencerz - Burnin'
5. Gunz For Hire - Kings Of The Underground
6. Ran-D & Zatox - Hectic
7. Muse - Uprising (Gunz For Hire Bootleg)
8. Noisecontrollers - E=NC2
9. Luna & E-Force - Masterclass
10. Adaro & Digital Punk - Natural Born Killers
11. Ran-D & Adaro - Under Attack
12. Gunz For Hire - Bolivia
13. Acti & Jajox - Satana (Loudness Edit)
14. Ran-D - Never Scared
15. Gunz For Hire ft. Ellie - Sorrow
16. Amnesys - The Purest

the_convicted [Set Editor] -
#3 is the Reverze Anthem probably  :) (Dimensions)

Somehow it has the same annoying vocal sound as the one in Brennan Heart's tracks...
Edited by the_convicted on 01-01-2013 18:49
mainmothafucka -
Gunz 4 Hire - Under Attack
i think they were called ran-d & adaro when making this track not G4H back then  ;) just saying
its for sure the Reverze anthem  ;) i dont like the vocals either but yeh once again a liveset sents with The Purest :O
ruubiie -
Surprised by ran-d! Never thought he would make this!
Darkness4Life -
Very well chosen songs and at the end of set even track Amnesys - The Purest. Championship.  :worship:  :thumbsup2:
Haatpiraat -
16. Amnesys - The Purest

Erg cool dat hij dit draaide. Track ook nog gehoord boven bij Tommyknocker. Geweldig nummer  :)
RvdB14 -

Amnesys - The Purest, die was op Thrillogy ook al zo lekker!
HardstyleTracklist -
Freaqshow 2012 - Ran-D Liveset <-- liveset with clickable timejumps!
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