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Louk @ Uprising Christmas Warm Up Mix

Hardtrance   Hardstyle

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Length: 01:14:00

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Considering how awesome last night was at Uprising and the fact we had a right laugh up north, and it's festive season and I have just travelled a good 300 miles home, I should be feeling like a grinch...... but Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Mixed this yesterday morning as a nice festive stocking filler for Uprising (gave a few copies out last night!). Enjoy all, nice mixture of old favourites, some of my own tunes and new upfront stuff!

Nice one to all who came out last night, was lovely to see you all!

Happy Christmas! x

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01. Ledo - Wonderful World [Echeleon]
02. Paul Trainer - Outbound [Discover White Label]
03. Giuseppe Ottaviani + Marc Van Linden - Until Monday (Mac + Mac Mix) [Monster Tunes]
04. Scot Project - H (Hurricane) [CD-R]
05. Unknown - Kenny Sharp Tune???? [White]
06. The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Andrea Montorsi Mix) [CD-R]
07. Sunbeam - Outside World (Louk Mix) [Compulzion]
08. DJ Thera - Ironically Unknown [Therabyte]
09. Luca Antolini - A New Poison (Sa.Vee.Oh Mix) [United Styles]
10. Cohesive - Pill Abuse (Louk Mix) [Trance NRG]
11. Dean Zone + Sixth Sense - Gaia (Jim Justice Mix) [Gearbox Digital]
12. MCP + Vandall - The Way [Deception]
13. Louk - Next Time [Atmosphere]
14. Marc La Cruz - Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen (Baced Mix) [Chaos]
15. Geck-O - Instant Fame [Theracords]
16. Warmduscher - 10 Kleine Bassdrums (Pille Palle Mix) [Tracid Traxxx]
17. Noizy Boy + Clydeman - Man Made Drug (Geck-o Mix) [German Trance]
18. Open Source - 2012 (Catatonic Overload Mix) [Compulzion]
19. SickMaN - Toxic Dump [Hardline 77]

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