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Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag @ BRAWLcast 079 - Victim Of Permanence

Techno   Industrial   Intelligent Dance Music

Submitted by: PatrickG88 @

Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 01:02:58

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Pripad and Unclean describe their Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag project as a visceral Live Mix/Edit exercise conducted with frightening precision. Never afraid of exploring new sonic and psycho-acoustic possibilities by finely cutting together various forms of deviant music including Industrial, Power Electronics, Rhythmic Noise and Techno into a seamless and mesmerising sonic landscape with the aim of challenging the listener and making the experience enlightening, disturbing and powerful, but ultimately infectious on the dance floor. With this mix, as with their previous offerings (check out their Soundcloud page) I think they succeeded.

Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag is the perfect antidote to the mass produced, instant gratification of the new millenium. Beware. Be Aware.


[Deep and Industrial Techno/IDM]

Rated by: PatrickG88


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