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Embrionyc & PRDM @ Drum Scene Investigation 13

Hardtechno   Industrial Hardcore

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Broadcasted @ Fear FM Hardest

So, you liked first part of ours special "birthday" podcast with Gilgamesh & Regain? It's time for second part! Embrionyc vs PRDM! This time you can expect some dark hardtechno with industrial hardcore!

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Embrionyc part:
01. Ruffneck & Ophidian - What Therefore Are Truths
02. Maui Pentocosto - Entities
03. Ancronix - Mischpultfehler
04. Maui Pentocosto - Mindwalker
05. Thomas Gee & Switchblade - Undertaker
06. Ancronix - Why Beavers Chew Sticks
07. Ruffneck & Ophidian - The E-Ville
08. Maui Pentocosto - Sardaukar

PRDM part:
09. PRDM & Sidelnikov - Global Killer
10. Strontium - Dark Prototype
11. Sarin Assault - It Hides Inside
12. Matt Green - Bi Polar
13. Tymon & Waldhaus - Born In Sin
14. PRDM - Dark Effect (Sidelnikov Remix)
15. Doctor Doomstep & PRDM - Dark Parasite
16. Switch Technique - Dark Times Dark Wonders

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Rather Htno for the first time.. and very nice Htno!!  :) (in listen)
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