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Mind Destructor @ Brainfucker Volume II

Hardcore   Terror

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Length: 00:33:54

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01.)Art of Fighters vs. Nico & Tetta-Revenge
02.)Mad Dog-Next Level
03.)Gigi & Fallout-We don't give a fuck
04.)Meagashira & Endymion-Who i am
05.)Dione-It is upon us
06.)Omar Santana - Break it down
07.)Predator & Angerfist-The Switch
08.)Day-Mar-Hear Daymar whistle
09.)Dyprax Ft. MC Tha Watcher - The Statement Of Disorder (Unexist Remix)
10.)Headhunterz-Scrap Attack(Endymion Remix)
11.)Accelarator vs. Lunatic-Massive Devastation
12.)Nexes-The Sign
13.)Partyraiser & The Negotiator - No Negotiations
14.)Profiler ft. Sturm-For my Niggers
15.)Art Of Fighters & Endymion - Let´s Get It On

Heet -
As far as I know the orginal Mind Destructor is from PL and I am sure of that he wouldn't does such TL  ;)