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The Relic @ Dark Industry Podcast XXV "The Hymn"

Intelligent Dance Music   Ambient   Industrial

Submitted by: DarkIndustry @

Filetype: 256 kbit MP3
Length: 02:02:34

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Dark Industry is a concept, which originated from the "Ben Harder Show". The Relic played a mix of many dark styles, without rules or limits. The concept of Dark Industry and the dark styles that go with it have absolutely no script, meaning the artist is free to do what they want.

No Limits, No Boxes, No Compromises...

The mix of many styles is a journey where new music can be explored. Key words are: Emotion, Darkness, Raw, Epic, Noise, Experience....

The previous episodes marked themself by a mix of Dark Ambient, Industrial, Acid, Soundcapes, IDM, D&B, Ambient, Industrial Hardcore, Crossbreed, Darkstep, Noise and more...

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01. New Risen Throne - New Risen Throne (II)
02. Zerivana - MilczÄ…ce Oblicza Jesiennych Bóstw
03. Somatic Responses - Forsec Expandite
04. Converter - Resolution
05. Somatic Responses - Mixed Bag
06. Ochre - 111
07. Sleep Clinic - I Can't Remember Anything
08. Asche - Steam Room (Count Suckers Reprise Version)
09. Kettel - Boekebaas
10. Skinny Puppy - Epilogue
11. Astrobotnia - Hydrocortisone Saga
12. Starving Insect - Nurturing The Cancer
13. Morgenstern - New Day
14. Semiomime - Theorem
15. Sephiroth - The City Of No Name
16. Distance - Mind Control
17. Syndemic - Squares In Motion
18. Ahnst Anders - After Dark
19. Mobthrow - Mirror Killer
20. Beardyman - Sativa Steps
21. Kryptic Minds - Organic
22. Exocet - Sénescente Psychopathe
23. Experimental Audio Research - Dusk
24. Boot-Sector-Viruz - Carnivore
25. Moby - Hymn (Alt.Quit.Version)
26. Sophia - Scum
27. Inade - Orbital Movement
28. Camanecroszope - What Comes Forth From Obscurity

G-Raver -
That reminds me that I have to check the artists from all the 25 episodes to see what gems I didn't know about yet  :arr: