Shoutbox: [17:25] ProPodziemie: It's hard for me to imagine Russian Hardbass at a bigger festival, haha, anthem Qlimax Russian Hardbass '' Nature Of The Vodka ... close Ya eyes, and open your mouth ... ''  :D

Split Horizon @ EKH

Intelligent Dance Music   Industrial   Acid

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Filetype: WAV
Length: 01:02:03

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"Live in Vienna, downstairs at the EKH cultural center - one of the oldest, most amazing squats and community resources I've ever seen - I pushed it in a raw direction. Listen up for new sounds filtered through mixer tricks, feedback, and live warped frequencies. Big ups to EKH Vienna for one of the best parties of the tour, this was a special one."


[Broken Bass, Electro, Techno, Acid, Noise]