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Hanzall @ Kick Therapy Podcast Special 002

Drum & Bass

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Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 01:17:00

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Get ready for a 77-minute set full of tight and dramatic mixes,
heavy drops and crazy double drops,
a 32-track madness compiled from some of the best tunes on the recent hard
D’n’B scene by both well-established producers and newcomers,
dedicated to two international crews, Kick Therapy and Silent Conspiracy,
from the hands of Therapy Sessions CZ promoter and head honcho, DJ Hanzall.
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Rated by: Heet Regain LeD Danes hardcorerepublic


01.Adam John – Classified /Carbon-13/
02.Agressor Bunx – Gateway /Disturbed/
03.Tech Itch & Gein ft. MC Jakes – Killsound (Tech Itch Steppa VIP) /Bad Chemistry/
04.Shenkster & Circular Discharge – Tren De Muertos /Demon Recordings/
05.Erre & Hardlogik – Crack The Party /Union/
06.Cooh & C.A.2.K – Wasp /Future Sickness/
07.Freqax – Lies & Blood /Algorythm/
08.Switch Technique – The Self /Union/
09.C-Netik & Erre – Comon Dance /PRSPCT/
10.Circular Discharge – Panic Circus /Silent Conspiracy/
11.Giocator – Blunt Trauma (Incident Remix) /Disturbed/
12.Freqax – Political Crime /Yellow Stripe/
13.Deathmachine – Point Of Origin /Genosha 175/
14.Limewax – Hess29 /PRSPCT/
15.C.A.2.K – Excavator /Future Sickness/
16.Erre & Hardlogik – Party Non Stop /Union/
17.Demo – OD (Gein & Counterstrike Remix) /Human Imprint/
18.Switch Technique – Violence Won’t Stop /Yellow Stripe/
19. Current Value – Megalomania /Position Chrome/
20.The Outside Agency – Headphone Wisdom /Union/
21.C.A.2.K – Matrix (Katharsys Remix) /Future Sickness/
22.Freqax – The Axe (Gein Remix) /Algorythm/
23.Counterstrike & The Panacea – Free MDMA /Algorythm/
24.Qo feat. Hostile MC – Distress Signal /Disturbed/
25.Brainpain – Omnipotence /Section 8/
26.Dub Elements – Never Give Up /PRSPCT/
27.The Panacea & Current Value – Make It Last /Position Chrome/
28.Arsenic – Aneurysm (Arsenic VIP) /Bad Chemistry/
29.Counterstrike – Drone (Malsum & Zardonic Remix) /Melting Pot/
30.Forbiden Society & Sei2ure – King Of Pogo /Forbidden Society/
31.Avis – Warhead /Maniphest/
32.Björk – Crystalline (Current Value Remix) /One Little Indian/