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Noize Suppressor @ Project hardcore 2006


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Filetype: 128 kbit MP3
Length: 00:22:35
Rated by: shiva1982 Morricone hawker SOULFLY Rob_Styles sinenV Hansolo Zieloneq Jhonson NoizeBanger
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1. DJ Bike - Saw
2. Noize Suppressor - Era
3. Noize Suppressor ft. MC Syco - Party Motherfuckerz
4. DJ Bike - Bike's Drum (Original Live Edit)
5. Noize Suppressor - Bone Crusher
6. Noize Suppressor ft. Instigator - Take Control
7. Instigator - To Provoke
8. Noize Suppressor - Dance On The Floor & Put Your Heands Up

hawker -
Een venter.
Finally I heard 'Era' in their liveact  :worship:

01. DJ Bike - Saw
02. Noize Suppressor - Era
03. Noize Suppressor - Party Motherfuckerz
04. DJ Bike - Bike's Drum (Original LIVE edit)
05. Noize Suppressor - Bone Crusher
06. Noize Suppressor ft. Instigator - Take Control
07. Instigator - To Provoke
08. Noize Suppressor - Dance On The Floor & Put Your Heands Up

At the end of the liveact Ruffian said:

I don't know what you think, but I think this shit was very impressive!

Yeah, very impressive  :worship:

Quality act, kinda 'slow', but mixing skills knock me down... again  :L
sponta_gbr -
Rob_Styles -
sinenV -
I'll mirror this once I download it, sounds like a promising listen...
timfer -
Added V2 quality link.
floor88 -
Zieloneq -
Panzerschreck Ur Ass!
download link added  :bye: