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The Relic @ Dark Industry Podcast XVIII "Karma Corps"

Industrial Hardcore   Darkcore   Acid

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Length: 02:01:07

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Dark Industry is a concept, which originated from the "Ben Harder Show". The Relic played a mix of many dark styles, without rules or limits. The concept of Dark Industry and the dark styles that go with it have absolutely no script, meaning the artist is free to do what they want.

No Limits, No Boxes, No Compromises...

The mix of many styles is a journey where new music can be explored. Key words are: Emotion, Darkness, Raw, Epic, Noise, Experience....

The previous episodes marked themself by a mix of Dark Ambient, Industrial, Acid, Soundcapes, IDM, D&B, Ambient, Industrial Hardcore, Crossbreed, Darkstep, Noise and more...

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1. Tapage & Meander - Osedax
2. Ybrid - Zona
3. Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never
4. Virtus - Psychaos
5. Beverly Hills 808303 - Untitled
6. Paul van der Wees - Discharged Circuits
7. Sophia - Filth
8. Exocet - Méthode D'apprentissage
9. Wavelan - It Will Stand (r_AW Built In One Day Mix)
10. Moleculez - Ai
11. Aphex Twin - Tamphex (Hedphuq mix)
12. Trauma - Audicore
13. Torgull - Untitled
14. Final Dream - Pain Amplifier
15. Synapscape - Host
16. Traffik - Krazed Kid
17. Astrobotnia - The Message
18. Senical - Piratos
19. Moleculez & The Relic - Mechanically Induced Dreams
20. A.C.A.B. - Hard Hats
21. The Relic & Moleculez - Day Of Sacrifice
22. Dual Mechanism - Mind Versus Machine
23. Void Settler - Jackal
24. 100blumen - Dig That Shizzel
25. Comababy - Rave Racer
26. The Outside Agency - Primitive
27. New Risen Throne - Loneliness

Morbid_Angel -
Fino alla Fine!
Very nice concept, and the last half hour is pure gold. Well done!