Shoutbox: [20:29] TimTim: Ik ben oprecht wel benieuwd waarom iemand ervoor zou kiezen om MC te worden, Dj begrijp ik nog maar MC? ik kan weinig bedenken dat het daadwerkelijk leuk maakt naast dat je natuurlijke de stoere boii bent met de microfoon

Yves Deruyter @ Qlimax 2006


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  Qlimax Intro
1. Ferry Corsten ft. Guru - Junk (Flash-Over Mix)
2. Modulation - White Flame (DJ Choose Remix)
3. ID (ID)
4. Derb - Satisfaction (Yoji Biomehanika Remix)
5. Jowan - Faceplant
6. The Prophet - Dipswitch
7. Cherry Moon Trax - Acid Dream
8. Solo - Feel It
9. Brennan Heart - Rev!val X
10. Thilo - The Untitled Project (Evanti Remix)
11. Yves DeRuyter - Calling Earth (Mit Oder Ohne Erdnuss Variant)
12. DJ Liberty vs VDP Project - "The Clock Is Ticking" (extended mix) (1)
13. ID (ID)
14. Fred Baker vs. Greg Nash - Lunar Eclipse
15. Club Scene Investigators - Direct Dizko (Sander Van Doorn Remix)

hawker -
Een venter.
Ruffian shouted:

Ladies & gentlemen, hold on for a tremendous set, all brought to you by DJ YVES DE RUYTER!


There is everything: Brennan Heart, The Prophet, SVD... awesome. Keeping this on my HDD since it's been released.
hawker -
Een venter.
04. Derb - Satisfaktion (Yoji Biomehanika Remix)
sinenV -
15. Club Scene Investigators – Direct Dizko (Sander Van Doorn Remix)
How come the way the notes of the melody are played sound so much different than other sets? I mean in this set all the notes go smoothly, but in other sets they're rough and techy?
Hansolo [Set Editor] -