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The Destroyer @ Ouwe Stijl is Botergeil

Early Terror   Early Hardcore
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1. The Destroyer - The Fat Fuck
2. The Destroyer - Hard Floyd
3. The Destroyer - Prepare Yourself
4. The Destroyer - Mind Carnage
5. The Destroyer - The Destroyer!!!
6. The Destroyer - Break Your Speaker!!
7. The Destroyer - Calm Guy
8. The Gabber Friends ft. The Destroyer - Jump Up You Bastard (The Destroyer Mix)
9. The Destroyer - Toasted Dork
10. DJ Bike Vs. The Destroyer - Gabber Fight (The Destroyer Remix)
11. The Destroyer - You Fuckin' Mutha Fucker!
12. The Destroyer - My Violence
13. The Destroyer - My Brain Is Sick
14. The Destroyer - Back to the Time
15. The Destroyer - Street Fuckers
16. The Destroyer - Distorted Terror
17. The Destroyer - Total Hate
18. The Destroyer - BRBRBROB GEE Suck My Beat!
19. The Destroyer - Big Bit
20. The Destroyer - Rave Is My Church
21. The Destroyer - Khorona - Nooo!!!
22. The Destroyer - Sicilian Antibitch
23. DJ 8Mix - Children Get Up (The Destroyer Remix)
24. The Destroyer - Save The Old
25. The Destroyer - Noise On The Bass
26. The Destroyer - Good Morning Ravers
27. Digital Boy - S.A.L.T.A. (The Destroyer Remix)
28. Kaos - Fuck Is Right
29. The Destroyer - Drax Dungeon
30. The Destroyer - Ready To Kill
31. The Destroyer - Chemical Boulder
32. The Destroyer - Arcade X-perience
33. The Destroyer - Fuck The Dream
34. The Destroyer - Dumbastard
35. The Destroyer - Oxygene
36. The Destroyer - For The Pussy
37. The Destroyer - Terror
38. The Destroyer - Love
39. The Crusher - Trashers
40. The Crusher - Do It In The House

Da_Machinery -
Love the '90's
 :worship:  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:
Luukjahhh -
Godnondeju wat een dikke set!  :yay:

On 02-04-2012 18:40:05, Da_Machinery wrote:

:worship:  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:

Krijgen we die van jou ook nog?  :W
MarcoTechnofolle -
Before listening to this set:  ^.^
After:  o_O
DESTROYER!!!!  :bomb:
fragany -
you win again, gravity
simply awesome!
Mrunterwijst -
The Fat Fuck, My Brain Is Sick, Brbrbrbr Rob Gee, Oxygene  :thumbsup2:
stefanFDM -
Geniaal  :thumbsup2:
Marcel-o -
wtf  :w00t:
HardT3K-Tic [Set Editor] -
On 03-04-2012 12:54:21, MarcoTechnofolle wrote:

Before listening to this set:  ^.^
After:  o_O
h_d3nis -
MarcoTechnofolle -
17. the destroyer - total hate (Noisekick remix)
jokerking76 -
fking perfect set from begining to end
keep it up destroyer, ur the best terror artist ever
 :worship:  :thumbsup2:  _O-  xD  :yay:  (L)

Ouwe Stijl is Botergeil = Horny Old Sytle Butter???
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BenjaminNL -
Tnx, had ik nog niet!