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Length: 00:54:37
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Nasenbluten - Blows T' The Nose
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New Uberdruck set  :worship:
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Hansolo [Set Editor] -
Is it the same set?
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On 29-01-2021 16:06:31, Hansolo wrote:

Is it the same set?

pretty sure that there is another dubbel in the √úberdruck's setjes
think i listened a set without mc and the same with the mc, not sure
edit: wicked bpm btw
Edited by alexvdh on 29-01-2021 18:04
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
11th June 2004 if 11.06.2004 for me (in Germany) but 06.11.2004 in UK.
Most of the partys there take place on a friday, so I guess it's the same event with a double entry.
If someone knows more, let me know  8-)